Children's Homes - Hawane

Welcome to the Children’s Homes at Hawane Farm. My name is Timothy Makhanya. My wife Chazile and I oversee the projects at Hawane. Working as the director of Hawane Farm and manager of our discipleship program, my role is to insure the safety and well-being of families. It is a joy to watch God work in the lives of our children and I am so blessed to be apart of this operation.  

Hawane Children's Home provides a “family” environment to children for long-term care in safe and loving Christian homes. The intent is to restore each individual child to re-enter society as confident and skilled citizens who are available to help serve their nation in their God-given gifting.

Hawane Children's Home was opened in 2004 by Chief Sipho Shongwe. Our patron, Inkhosikhati La Mbikiza was represented. The land was purchased by Teen Challenge UK for the purpose of hosting interim foster homes for children referred to us by Social Welfare, Ministry of Health.

The farm also hosts a day care medical centre with a four bed ward, a pre-school, a crafts shop, the Life Skills School, a home school for those too sick to walk to school, several agricultural and husbandry projects such as rabbits, chickens and pigs. The children reach out into the community to help the greater community too.

Each child brought to us is a gift of life and an opportunity to lavish God’s love upon them. We are seeing children with a CD4 (the cells that the HIV virus attacks, weakening the body's immune system to be able to fight against illness and infection)  blood count as low as a 45, pushed back up to as high as 1600. We are seeing hope breathed into their frames, lives being restored, redeemed and re-established.

Hawane Children's Home is a place of hope and restoration.


Hope lives here

Freedom is found here

Changed lives leave here