ICBC Plants

ICBC is an acronym for ministry that is done In the Community and By the Community that the ministry is located in.

As we founded and developed ministries within our nation, it became increasingly apparent that there was an unhealthy dependency upon Churches and aid organizations to provide the answer, and the materials for the solution for the communities being reached. This has created a dependency scenario. There were significant moments where we felt that the message being spoken was that without international aid and much investment, there was actually no hope at all for the community.

We, however, feel that poverty is actually a mind-set wherein the community has not fully realized the asset base that they already have within

 themselves, within their communities, and on or in their land, as a solution that has already been given to them from God. Therefore, we changed our approach to now no longer take a top down approach, but to enter a community working with a visionary from that community and to wait upon the Lord to give us a strategy for the community, “in the community and by the community”.

Our model thus far includes a church plant, a pastor’s house, two widow homes and or homes for orphans, a community vegetable garden, a health outreach project and sustainability projects to support the local pastor and its church.

The first ICBC project was established in the Hawane area in 2008. An

 architect’s drawing below describes the project under way in Lavumisa, as requested by the pastor in the community, Pastor Sabelo.

The Potter’s Wheel Church provides a home base for all the ICBC church plants, for training and for sending out laborers into the harvest fields and encourages its congregants to visit the ICBC projects monthly. It is our heart to plant up to 60 ICBC church plants across the nation, tackling poverty, dependency, HIV and AIDS in God’s way! We believe Swaziland is the apple of God’s eye, called by God to raise a remnant of believers who will know God’s love and His power.

 Hope lives here

Freedom is found here

Changed lives leave here