Lavumisa ICBC

On behalf of Lavumisa CLC (Christian Life Church), I would like to welcome you. My name is Pastor Sabelo Gina and my wife and I oversee Lavumisa CLC. We are so blessed to be a part of Challenge Ministries ICBC projects. The land was given with a purpose to bless the community and meet their needs. We are looking forward to all visions met for the glory of our God.



Lavamisa can be found at the southern tip of Swaziland with a hot and dry climate. There is extreme poverty, lack of water and life is extremely hard for many there. The Church is located in the area of Ezindwendweni, Lavumisa.

Pastor Sabelo leads a growing Church and they see miracles and transformed lives weekly. They rapidly outgrew their Church Hall and are in the process of constructing a new one. Plans are also in place to begin a Pre-School. 

Each month there is a clinic lead by a CMS nurse and team. This is where the community's spiritual and physical needs are met. This team has also trained up Home Based Care volunteers, who are very instrumental in touching lives in this community. Through these home visits, volunteers find people who are very sick and hungry. Due to the lack of accessible health facilities, these groups are truly of great help and inspiration.

Mission Teams from all over the world run camps and serve the people of Lavamisa throughout the year. If you would like to know more of how you could get involved see our Mission Impact Program.