Make a difference in a child’s life

Burdened by the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world, orphaned and vulnerable children comprise nearly one-fifth of Swaziland's population. Although the future looks bleak, we are making a difference by raising today's children to be tomorrow's leaders. Through medical care, food, clothing, housing, education and home care you can give a child the gift of a future. The goal for each child after all is not merely survival but the opportunity to thrive.

By supporting our childcare programme today, your support will help change a life with love. You will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a sponsored child by receiving letters and periodic updates on the exciting stories that are happening in their lives. Be part of the transformation! You can support a child as either a Child Co-Sponsor, a Child Total Sponsor, or support our children by giving a One-Time Donation.

Co-Sponsor A Child   £25/$35 per month

Partner with some friends or sign-up yourself and be paired with others to transform a life. For just £25 or $35 per month per Co-Sponsor you can give a child the gift of a future.

Total Sponsor A Child  £200/$280 per month

For just £200 or $280 dollars per month you can be the sole provider for a child's needs.

One-Time Donation

If you are not able to make a monthy commitment, we understand. That's why we offer you the option of making a one-time donation to our child care programme. And the amount is up to you. Your gift will be used to help support the most urgent needs of the children at the time we receive it.

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